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Recent Publications


Li, Y., Gonzalez, W.G., Andreev, A., Tang, W., Gandhi, S., Cunha, A., Prober, D., Lois, C. and Bronner, M.E. Macropinocytosis-mediated membrane recycling drives neural crest migration by delivering F-actin to the lamellipodium. PNAS 117 (44) 27400-27411.


Gonzalez, W. G.; Zhang, H.; Harutyunyan, A.; Lois, C. Persistence of neuronal representations through time and damage in the hippocampus. Science 365 (6455) 821-825.


Li, Y.; *Viecelli, F. M.; *Gonzalez, W. G.; Li, A.; Tang, W.; Lois, C.; Bronner, M. E. In vivo quantitative imaging provides new insights into trunk neural crest migration. Cell Reports 26:6, 1489-1500. (*Equal contribution.)

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